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Camping El Garrofer


“Welcome to the home of the slow traveller”


Founded in 1962 and trying to be the change we want to see in the world, with low impact tourism. We offer you the possibility of taking a “Slow” moment connecting with the landscape, the food, the culture and the people. We embrace and are inspired by the “Slow” movement. For us “Slow travel is a state of mind”


sitges / BArcelona

Traveling opens your mind


We are located in the heart of “Natural Park of  Garraf” with the distinctive European Ecopark, 15 minutes walk from the beach. 5 minutes by bus to the center of Sitges and 45 minutes from the Center of Barcelona. The bus stop is at the door of the campsite.

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the sea

Sitges has a total of 17 Beaches

A coast of 4 kilometers long and 17 beaches of fine sand. Another 5 beaches are found between Sitges and Castelldefels


The Garraf Natural Park

Garraf Park covers an area of 12,820 hectares of limestone hills, which in contact with water and air, have eroded over time to form caves, potholes, sinkholes and limestone pavements. The landscape is mostly Mediterranean scrubland, featuring the vegetation typical of the area: dense thickets of low rise shrubs and herbs such as rosemary and thyme



Why us?

We approach you to the slow movement


We make you feel like a traveler, not like a tourist.

slow camp

We want you to take your time to enjoy nature, people and the elements.


We want to give you the chance to live an experience that connects you with the people of the area.


We are located between sea and mountains, in the heart of the natural  Park of Garraf


quality over quantity

We love when you enrich your travel experience

We ofer the traveller the possibility to take a breath and enjoy life, be delighted by the magic of the surroundings. Organizing experiences to make people visit the nature arround us by foot, bike or car.